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Talents form the bases of the development and competitive strengths of an enterprise. Velvet takes this idea very seriously. We respect and rely on talents, do our utmost to promote the joint development of people and company. In practice, we provide the venues for talents to give full play to their potential. Meanwhile, we keep trying various approaches to improve our human resource management and people's overall quality, give them full access to the company's development outcomes and achieve common progress.

一、Give full play to their potential

Velvet follows the management principle of putting people first, set a great career goal for people and encourage them with a bright and promising future. We manage to build an effective system and create a healthy environment for the growth of every employee. To do so, we hope everyone could fulfill their potential, realize their values and enjoy success. We attach importance to individual's creativity, performance, capacity and potential, rather than their education background. The aim of such fair competitive mechanism and encouraging culture is to give people incentives to play their roles, to tap their potential and to use their creativity.

二、Common development, sharing success

Employees' contribution create the success of a company, and in turn, an employee cannot realize his value without the support from the company. Therefore, Velvet insists on the importance of joint development of individual and company. We encourage employees to make a career plan according to the company's long-term goal. In the same time, the company is willing to provide employees varied channels and modes for their self-improvement. We are confident that, as the platform provider of employee's development, we can give every aspirant young man the abundant space and opportunity, and support their improvement and grow with them together.

People first – people are the spine of a company. We devoted ourselves to build a team of talents who are full of energy, have professional knowledge and skills and ready to take on hardship. We support intensive training programs for employees and apply different distributions of income as incentives to encourage them learn more and be more confident. We hope they can find sense of security, belonging, achievement and also economic security, so their motivation and life value could be achieved. Honesty should be the essential trait of the employee and even the whole company. Everyone do things honestly, and the entire enterprise do business honestly. We will do the best to build an upright and honest enterprise image.