Since the foundation of Velvet in 1998, 15 years has passed by. This period witnessed our struggle, growth and achievements. Started from a small clothing company, Velvet, thanks to all your contributions, has developed to a medium- to large-scale enterprise which is able to do Knitting, byeing, embroidering, cloth making designing distributing all by ourself. My thanks go to the support and encouragement from society and hard work of every single employee. Confidence and striving are essential to an individual's success, same to an enterprise in a market full of fierce competition.

It is confidence that makes us emerge from this business environment mixed with competition, development, opportunity and challenge, even stronger than before; it is endeavor that teaches us to be down-to-earth and work constantly. With these two tools, I believe we can grow. They motivate employees to work happily and wisely, and assure our partners and ourselves a promising future. They are our treasure and value, and even are our motivation and faith to offer clients every piece of high-quality product.

Excellent culture, of course, is the source of upright ideas. Respecting everyone is exactly the essence of Velvet's enterprise culture. We take every effort to build a fair competing environment for each member with talents and give them abundant encouragement and space. We believe that talent is the real backbone for a promising enterprise. Our gate are wide open to every talented young man, who will find opportunity to tap his potential and realize his value. We sincerely welcome talents and friends join us and together make a bright future.